Welcome to LVLUP Health!

We are a new Melbourne-based business, set up and ran by people in the health space who are fascinated with Nutrition, Natural medicine and Biohacking.

Having worked in many different fields within the health industry for years; we have seen through clients, friends and self-experimentation just how powerful herbs, supplements, nutrition, lifestyle and behavioural change can be at improving peoples quality of life.

We truely believe nature has all the answers to whatever disease, impairment, ailment or condition you are dealing with and it’s our mission to share all our findings about how we can help you LVLUP your life!

Having been addicted to researching scientific literature and publications, as well as listening to and learning from experts on podcasts, we have developed a unique and holistic understanding of what health truely is!
We can’t get enough of learning, and in our relentless pursuit to learn all there is we have discovered some pretty amazing compounds along the way!
Frustrated with accessibility, costs and always having to wait for ingredients or products to arrive from overseas, we decided to simply make our own products and formulations using the ingredients and constituents than benefitted us the most and were rigorously scientifically based with studies and biological mechanisms that can explain the results that we achieved.

Applying all this, combined with our clinical and personal experiences in 2020 during the ‘lockdown’ LVLUP Health was launched!

Podcasts and Interviews:
Have a listen to our team talk about LVLUP as they speak their truths and passions in podcasts format!
These podcasts also provide great information about LVLUPs products and the health peptides we sell! Feel free to have a listen 🙂

Revital Health Podcast - BPC157=


LVLUP Health is founded based on the principals and philosophies of Naturopathic Medicine and all business decisions and practice are based on these 6 KEY tenants:

1. The Healing Power of Nature:
We aim to educate and empower our followers, fans and friends on how wonderful and powerful the human body is, and to showcase and celebrate the benefits of natural, holistic medicine!
We believe the human body has an innate wisdom; where our business and products help is via assisting and support the bodies healing processes.

2. Identify and Treat the Causes:
Rather than giving a pill that suppresses the symptoms, all of what we endorse and use at LVLUP Health goes after the root cause of the illness or disease and addresses the most upstream area of the issue. Our business model is based around the fact that we believe, no matter where your health is, you should not ever have to take or use anything for the rest of your life, especially not if there are side effects. Our products and approaches to health are designed to fix imbalances, to restore function and to return people to true health!

3. First Do No Harm:
Every formula and product we use has been designed and produced to the highest quality using the purest ingredients to ensure safety!
We have tried thousands of different products and ingredients, and have personally suffered ill effects from synthetic vitamins and cheap and nasty supplements, we vow to never to use anything that will harm our followers, fans, and customers.
We instead utilise the most powerfully beneficial and least harmful and least toxic ingredients available.

4. Docere: Doctor as Teacher:
We do not intend to be ‘just another company’, not only will we sell the best quality products but we also will be sharing as much information as possible to empower our fans and community! We aim to educate so that you will be able to achieve and maintain health even if you never buy a single supplement or item for us
We believe our true purpose is to help people regain and keep their health, this is what drives us and the supplements we make are simply powerful tools people can use to achieve this.

5. Treat the Whole Person:
Like most Naturopaths and holistic practitioners, we view the body as an integrated whole in all its physical and spiritual dimensions. We intend to both educate and support these dimensions and all the systems of the body! We know with the information we share, and the products we develop that we will help bring you true health all dimensions!

6. Prevention:
Our focus is on improving overall health! The true pillars to health are having a nutritious and nourishing diet, living in a wonderful environment, and having a fulfilling and purposeful life, full of fantastic supportive and loving people.
As much as we love and believe in our products, frankly speaking, our formulations and supplements may not work as well an individual isn’t working on their health foundations. As such we aim to provide posts and share information relating to these foundations in order to empower and educate you to live your best life.

So, that’s us!
Those are the principles which we practice and founded the company on!

We hope our beliefs and goals resonate with you and we thank you for visiting our page and encourage you to give us a like or a follow on the social media, to stay tuned for all that is to come!

Thanks for reading our About Us! We value people who care about not only our products, but who care enough to want to know about the people behind the business, so heres a 5% off code (aboutus5) as a little reward for taking the time to read what we’re about! 😉

Thank you Again!
Are you ready to LVL UP your life?