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Whole-body Repair formulation!

60 Capsules
-BPC-157 Pentadecapeptide: 500mcg
-PEA Palmitoylethanolamide: 400mg
-L-Glutamine: 499.5mg

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Ultimate GI Repair
Ultimate GI Repair formulation!

60 Capsules
-BPC-157 Pentadecapeptide: 700mcg
-AT1001 Larazotide Acetate: 500mcg
-Pepzin: Zinc L-Carnosine: 200mg
-Quercetin Anhydrous: 400mg
-Tributyrin: 398.8mg

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Real Reviews From Real Customers

I was skeptical of this product because I’d tried heaps of different gut supplements before that didn’t work, but after using GI Repair for only 3 days I noticed a hufe difference in my reflux and bloating! the issue is completely fixed now! thank you guys!

Joseph S, VIC

It’s amazing to see BPC157 capsules in Australia! I used this product to heal a medial meniscus tear that I had for over 3 years. Within a week of using this product, I could literally no longer feel that clicky pain in my knee. Even after stopping for a week, the pain is completely gone. I hate using this word, but it has been a miracle for me.

Lucas A, Melbourne, Ergogenic Health

“I love this product. I haven’t had an upset belly in weeks. Most of my pain is also gone which i wasn’t expecting. So so good!”

Molly D, VIC

Was worth the money for sure! I recovered from my footy injury quicker than the doc thought possible! thanks

Luke R, VIC

Great product. Highly recommend. Quick turnaround time on orders

Scott M, NSW

I used to get a lot of pain and discomfort after certain foods, but I can even enjoy dairy now!!!

Estelle T, QLD

Wheat, dairy and a many other foods no longer effect me! this is awesome because they used to cause me so much pain and bloating, and now, nothing!! Soo happy!

Lauren V, VIC

This product has completely changed my digestion, I literally never get bloated or sluggish anymore. And surprisingly the asthma I’ve had since 6yrs old has dissapeared. Nothing else I’ve tried has been so anti-inflammatory and healing. WOW!

Lance S, WA

Have actually been using BPC157 for a few years due to number of different injuries. Its so great to finally find a reputable company in Australia. Keep up the good work guys

Chris F, VIC

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